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Feedly - A Chrome extension

Posted by Mr.Editor Monday, March 1, 2010


Feedly organizes your favorite sources in a magazine-like start page.

A magazine-like start page. A fast and stylish way to read and share the content of your favorite sites and services. Provides seamless integration with Google Reader, Twitter, Delicious, YouTube and Amazon.


Having it all in one page is nice. Also, specific categories can be added: check the tool bar



And clicking at the arrow of the toolbar, other tools become available:


image image

The karma is nice and shows information about the number of clicks on some subject:



I suspect that this isn't very accurate but can be used to get an idea of the popularity of your posts.



Another thing I enjoy is the summary capability, showing the sites I follow in a list approach, making it easy to decide if it is worth reading:



So, that's it. Enjoy.

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  1. Parece realmente uma extensão interessante. mas será útil?


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