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CPU benchmarks and the HP TouchSmart tm2 tablet PC

Posted by Mr.Editor Saturday, May 29, 2010 0 comments

CPU benchmarksSo you are about to buy a new computer and suddenly you discover that the number of choices are endless. Distant is the time when choosing a computer was basically choosing among 3 or 4 microprocessors, a graphics card, the amount of RAM and a large hard disk. Even if these items are not so difficult to choose even now a days, you will probably get stuck when it comes to the heart of the computer, the microprocessor. Models and models, speeds, brands, technologies and so on, and so on. The microprocessor commercial approach has made impossible to choose without a reference service. That's here where a service such as the cpubenchmark.net comes to action. Search for a specific CPU model and obtain a position in the performance rank (direct link to the search form).


HP TouchSmart tm2 tablet PC HP TouchSmart tm2 tablet PCIt was this way that I came to know that the interesting tablet computer concept from HP, the HP TouchSmart tm2-1090eg Notebook-PC, would be quite disappointing when running more demanding software. With a CPU Intel SU7300 @ 1.30GHz, it ranks at the lower level of the performance  chart. This make it not suitable for photography field work, what would be my main task for it, specially because of its touch screen and foldable screen.


However, who is looking for an acceptable computer that is also a tablet can find an interesting solution on this  HP EliteBook 2740p Tablet PC. But at what price :-S


Note: Intel has a compare functionality for its processors here: http://ark.intel.com/Default.aspx. And AMD has something similar here: http://products.amd.com

Facebook Fan Pages vs. Networked Blogs

Posted by Mr.Editor Wednesday, May 26, 2010 0 comments

Post image for Facebook Fan Pages vs. Networked Blogs

Facebook Fan Pages vs. Networked Blogs

Love it or hate it, Facebook is here to stay. Despite challenges around user privacy and an ever-changing interface, Facebook is rapidly becoming THE gateway to content for many users. As a blogger, Facebook can be a great tool to promote and share your content to potential readers. But the real question is…what’s the best way to do that? ()

Template actions: download, backup, edit and restore

Posted by Mr.Editor Thursday, May 13, 2010 0 comments

This tutorial describes how to perform a backup of your template, how to edit your template and how to restore your template.

tip level: beginner


Some times people find problems editing their template and then I figure out that the root for the problem is because they didn't select the "Expand Widget Templates" check box. So, if you are using the code directly from this check box, be sure to select it:




However, I would recommend that you edit your template another way.


1. Download the full template, by clicking the link "Download Full Template":



2. Choose to save the file and give it a meaningful filename:


Including the date in the filename it's a good idea for backup organization.


3. Keep this file unchanged and perform the edits in a copy of this file. This way, if something goes wrong you can go back by uploading the previous version of the template.

Use a text editor to perform your changes in the .xml file. You can use a basic editor such as Windows Notepad but consider to use an editor that colorize the code. Notepad++ is a good choice and it's free. Links:

- Notepad++ page: http://notepad-plus.sourceforge.net

- Download page; click at the "Download Now!" button:



4. Perform your edits in the template, save the file and upload the new template. The template will be immediately changed and in use.



If you want to preview the changes before applying them, copy the edited template text and replace the text of the text box with it. Then press "Preview":


If it is ok, press "Save Template".

This preview method doesn't always work, particularly if the changes involve JavaScript. The best approach is to create a test blog and performing the template tests there.

5. If your changes become problematic, just upload the original template that you saved at points 1/2.


That's it. Enjoy.

Facebook Like button XFBML tutorial

Posted by Mr.Editor Monday, May 10, 2010 26 comments


While searching for a solution that would let me add the "Like" button plus the ability to leave a comment on the "Liked" item (see picture on the left), I finally found the solution that I share bellow. Just follow exactly the next instructions and that's it.

Programming Language Popularity Index

Posted by Mr.Editor Wednesday, May 5, 2010 1 comments

Programming computer screenBellow are 3 ranks of popular programming languages. It's build with the "Language Popularity Index" tool, which is "a fully automatic, transparent, open-source and free tool to measure the popularity of programming languages on the Internet".

Surprise, surprise, the C programming language is again on the top (see the post "C programming language back at number 1 position!"). And Ada shows up on the 10th position for general-purpose and compiled languages! Wow.

State of the Internet Operating System

Posted by Mr.Editor Sunday, May 2, 2010 0 comments

Something interesting to be read:

State of the Internet Operating System - Part 1, Part 2. By Tim O'Reilly.

image This post contains some guidelines to improve the security level of your Blogger blog and some tips to recover control

Two reasons may have driven you to this page:

  1. you are in trouble and I hope you can find some help here;
  2. you came by chance and you had better check the following tips.

Believe me, security problems are real even if they haven't yet hit you. Here are some tips and guidelines you should follow.