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CPU benchmarks and the HP TouchSmart tm2 tablet PC

Posted by Mr.Editor Saturday, May 29, 2010

CPU benchmarksSo you are about to buy a new computer and suddenly you discover that the number of choices are endless. Distant is the time when choosing a computer was basically choosing among 3 or 4 microprocessors, a graphics card, the amount of RAM and a large hard disk. Even if these items are not so difficult to choose even now a days, you will probably get stuck when it comes to the heart of the computer, the microprocessor. Models and models, speeds, brands, technologies and so on, and so on. The microprocessor commercial approach has made impossible to choose without a reference service. That's here where a service such as the cpubenchmark.net comes to action. Search for a specific CPU model and obtain a position in the performance rank (direct link to the search form).


HP TouchSmart tm2 tablet PC HP TouchSmart tm2 tablet PCIt was this way that I came to know that the interesting tablet computer concept from HP, the HP TouchSmart tm2-1090eg Notebook-PC, would be quite disappointing when running more demanding software. With a CPU Intel SU7300 @ 1.30GHz, it ranks at the lower level of the performance  chart. This make it not suitable for photography field work, what would be my main task for it, specially because of its touch screen and foldable screen.


However, who is looking for an acceptable computer that is also a tablet can find an interesting solution on this  HP EliteBook 2740p Tablet PC. But at what price :-S


Note: Intel has a compare functionality for its processors here: http://ark.intel.com/Default.aspx. And AMD has something similar here: http://products.amd.com


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